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About Brand Haven

A partner who shares your brand's vision, taking it to the next level by building a strong foundation and growing your brand's e-commerce sales. 


We have one purpose, to empower and grow your brand. How we do that is completely up to you. We know e-commerce isn't a one-size fits all. We will work with you to see what partnership model best aligns with your goals, whether it be as a wholesale retailer or an e-commerce brand manager. We will help your brand achieve the results you desire with strategic changes and increased brand awareness and market share to customized solutions and well-crafted copywriting.

We know your brand is your number one priority and that you want unlimited growth on today's largest online marketplaces while keeping your brand integrity protected. We also know that maneuvering the chaos of e-commence can be both confusing and complex. We will work together to ensure your brand is represented the way you want and the way it should be without any of the headaches.

How do we do this, with complete transparency in order to help your brand gain control over your

e-commerce presence.​ As an extension of your team, we will help you build a foundation that will be adaptive and flexible and develop an e-commerce growth strategy that will prepare for your brand's success today, and in the future. 

You're not in this alone.


What We Do

What We Do


A true partner with a shared passion for your brand's vision. Whether you need help with just one facet of your business or with managing the entire channel, we will work with you to grow your brand. You determine which business model best aligns with your goals. We can be a wholesale retailer or a brand manager serving as an extension of your team. In either model, we build relationships based on trust, results, and mutual success by working with brands that care about having quality products and a quality reputation.



We understand the importance of maintaining your brand's integrity. We respect and honor MAP, and we will help your brand identify and remove unauthorized sellers threatening your brand's reputation so that you can take back control and manage your brand your way. 

Brand Control

Gain greater control on how your brand is represented. We will guide you through the Brand Registry process to help protect your registered trademarks and provide greater control over your product listing content to ensure accurate brand representation. With Brand Registry, you will gain access to A+ Content and Brand Storefronts to better promote your brand’s products. 


To outperform your competition, you have to be better. We will work with your brand to optimize your product listings with compelling written content, vivid product images, and relevant keywords to ensure your product listings reflect your brand’s quality and values.


Improve product visibility and maximize sales. We will drive traffic to your fully optimized product listings with intentional advertising campaigns. This will boost brand awareness and place your products in front of the right customers at the right time, resulting in more returning customers.

Build Trust

Brand rating is pivotal to brand growth. From start to finish, we will take care of your customers and answer all questions in a professional and timely manner to help keep your brand ratings high. We encourage honest feedback and collect organic reviews. Positive reviews will provide social proof to potential customers and create a better perception of your brand, both online and in Brick and Mortar. 



We will maintain frequent, open communication and keep you in the loop with valuable market information and data. We will have strategy sessions and share monthly sales reports and analytics so that you can make informed business decisions and plan your next steps.


Proper inventory and supply chain management is crucial to your business. We will work to keep your products visible by monitoring inventory levels to ensure products remain in stock, without overstocking, to keep fees low and customers happy. We will create shipments, reconcile inventory, and file reimbursement claims for lost, damaged, or mishandled inventory.

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